Rose Combination

I always think February/March is a strange in between time of transitioning seasons. Its officially Spring here in Ireland and while the Camellia and Rhododendrons have interjected the Grey of Winter with a vibrant burst of colour, the weather remains cold, grey and harsh.

It can be a challenging time for our skin. The longer days and subtle signs of nature reawakening encourage us to get out and face the harsh winds that can chap and damage skin. Then whilst indoors we are sitting in centrally heated offices and homes or have hot air blown at us as we heat our cars. This can all contribute to our skin looking slightly dull and tired.

So I thought I would introduce you to a skincare combination that just seems to work synergistically to reenergise the skin leaving it more radiant and supple.

Introducing Flourish Rose Combination and Rose Quartz – A match made in heaven. 

Rose Hip Oil is packed with those beauty essentials Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Essential Fatty Acids. Anti Inflammatory and nurturing, Rose Hip oil treats dry and tired skin, hydrates and repairs damaged skin and provides a strong protective anti-oxidant boost. It is also fortified by the aroma therapeutic benefits of Rose Essential Oils – one of the most luxurious oils in Aromatherapy  (Each bottle of  Rose Hip Oil contains the oil of over 500 roses)

It is an anti-oxidant, promoting scar healing and protection against environmental pollutants.

Its astringent properties tones and lifts the skin leaving it feeling bright and radiant. 

Rose Mist Toner:  In a base of organic Rose Water it has Bush Flower Remedies/ Shea Oak and Mulla-Mulla Flower, which both rehydrate thirsty skin and are used to eradicate the negative effects of radiation making it ideal not only as a facial toner for the daily routine but also as a Pick me Up for the skin while working on computers or long-haul flight. A few sprays on a cotton pad and placed over the eyes can ease and refresh dry itchy eyes.

Rose Face Cream : One of my personal favourites. It’s fortified with a plant based protein ( Lupine Peptide ) and of course the super luxurious Rose essential oil.

  • Lupine peptides help renew the outer layers of skin by stimulating production of collagen & elastin, giving the skin a younger look, and visibly reducing the depth of wrinkles.


  • Rose: One of the most luxurious essential oils it is particularly good for mature, dry and sensitive skins. It has a tonic action and constricting actions on the capillaries making it a valuable treatment for thread veins.


 Rose Quartz – I was recently gifted a Rose Quartz face roller. I was a bit sceptical at first but having tried it now for a few weeks I’m completely hooked. Here are some of the stated benefits of the face roller. 

  • Diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brightening skin tone by increasing lymphatic drainage, reducing blood vessels and minimising the appearance of pores.
  • Boosting blood circulation.
  • Reducing puffiness.
  • Eliminating toxins by accelerating the skin cell renewal process. 

From my experience using it the most striking benefits are the sense of relaxation this new little bedtime ritual brings, a great way to wind down and get ready for sleep. I also got the sense that it helped to absorb the face oil deeply into the skin leaving my face feeling deeply moisturised, supple and radiant.

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