About Us

Flourish Organics - Natural Skin Care to organic standards   

 I created Flourish Organics in 2002 as the result of my own need for natural skin care. I had extremely sensitive skin which reacted to all conventional products.

As a qualified Aromatherapist and someone who cares about the environment I wanted to use a natural base cream as a carrier for essential oils. I found it very difficult to find natural skincare which was also affordable. So I decided to make my own, after a lot of research and trials I was very pleased with the final products. I got so much positive feedback from people who tried them that I decided to go into business.

We have since achieved organic certification and are very proud to supply some of the top hotels and spas in Ireland.

For both myself and Klaus one of our highest priorities is kindness so we want to produce a range of skincare products which are:

  • KIND TO YOUR SKIN- We use only the best natural, most luxurious ingredients for our natural skincare. We have researched which can cause harm and avoid using them.
  • KIND TO YOUR BODY - The skin is the largest organ of the body. Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our systems so we only use ingredients that heal, support and fortify the body.
  • KIND TO THE EARTH-One of our top priorities is the environment and the effect the ingredients we use has on the world around us we do not use petrochemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • KIND TO ANIMALS - our products are free from animal products and are not tested on animals.
  • KIND TO THOSE WHO LIVE ON THE EARTH - Our business is ethically run, all the ingredients are ethically traded.
  • KIND TO YOUR POCKET-to encourage people to go natural we wanted to keep our products affordable; huge profits are not our priority so we don’t charge extortionist prices

And lastly but very importantly we treat the senses and bring a pleasure and pampering into peoples lives with the natural luxurious quality of the products we produce at an affordable price.