Lip Bamboozled

It has come to my attention that our Lavender Lip Balm is quickly getting the reputation for being a wonderful universal balm for so much that ails you. I first became aware of its versatility when I travelled with my family to Spain. Because of restrictions around liquids I didn’t bring my usual potions and lotions. During our holiday my niece got sunburned shoulders and a blob of Lavender Lip Balm quickly soothed the pain and eased the burn.

Nasty mosquito bites were healed by the Lavender and when I pulled a muscle in my leg a massage with the Lavender Lip Balm eased the pain so now I never leave home without it.

I have since received so much feedback from customers on such a variety of successes they have had with the Lavender Lip Balm that I have decided to do  a list of uses that go above and beyond of what it says on the tin.

  1. Moisturizes and protects the lips from harsh weather and drying central heating
  2. Protection from and treatment for cold sores with the addition of Tea Tree which is antiviral customers swear by using it daily they have reduced or eliminated the appearance of cold sores.
  3. Anxiety and Panic Attacks – The Lavender Essential Oil is deeply relaxing so applied to the pulse points when nervous or anxious it helps to instil a sense of peace and relaxation.
  4. Healthy cuticles and nails – With Almond Oil rich in Vitamin E rub into your nails and cuticles for shiny, healthy looking nails and the Lavender effectively heals any nasty hang nails
  5. Headaches – Rub into the temples to alleviate tense, nervous headaches.
  6. Emergency hand balm – So if you have ever used harsh hand soap in public toilets that feels like you have stripped a layer of your skin and left your hands feel dry and uncomfortable a blob of concentrated Lavender balm immediately sooths and restores moisture.
  7. Insect Bites – rubbing some Lavender Lip Balm onto insect bites can reduce itching and prevent the bites getting infected.
  8. Burns from the sun or otherwise – Lavender has a pronounced healing effect on burns and sunburn and promotes growth of new skin cells.
  9. An emergency Muscle Ease- Lavenders pain relieving qualities deal effectively with muscle spasm.
  10. Beard Balm – Our male customers have reported it leaves their beards smooth and conditioned.
  11. Barrier Balm for your hands when gardening or painting
  12. Antiseptic-Lavender has long been valued for its antiseptic qualities and can be used as an antiseptic ointment on small cuts or scratches.
  13. Barrier Cream for swimmers – I use a small amount on the sides of my nose and other sensitive areas of the face when swimming in chlorinated water.
  14. Sleep Aid for Insomnia.
  15. Heals chapped noses during cold seasons.

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