Flourish Home Spa Facial Experience

Flourish Facial Experience

I recently had a request from someone who bought our Facial Spa Experience for some general guidelines on how to use the products in a home facial.

It got me thinking about how at a time when Spa and Beautician Appointments are a little rarer and having gone through one of the most challenging times of our generation that our bodies and particularly our beautiful faces could do with as much care and pampering as we can give them.

So I decided to do a video of a short facial that is both pampering and relaxing.

Click on the videos below 



What I realized for myself is even though I have unlimited supply of all these beautiful products I very rarely put the time aside to give myself a full facial. I was amazed firstly how fantastic my skin felt afterwards but also just how powerful it is to carve out even a short period of time and set the intention to put all our focus during that time on self-care and pampering. Afterwards I felt deeply relaxed and replenished with energy.

So I know that during challenging times it can be tempting to just forge ahead and force ourselves to keep going but eventually this takes its toll on our body. We end up depleted and drained.

By putting 20 minutes aside where we carve time out for ourselves and set the intention to honour and care for our bodies benefits will amaze you and it’s one of the secrets to sustainable energy and well-being.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the products – just gather together the products you do have. However if you would like to experience the Full Facial Flourish Spa Experience we have created a special offer which you can find here:





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