Now more than ever I believe we are so aware of climate change and the urgency in implementing changes that are more sustainable. When Covid first hit last March and a global lockdown was enforced, amidst the fear and panic and grief we witnessed a glimmer of hope as our lack of activity created an immediate restoration of this beautiful planet.

It made me realise just how quickly the Earth can restore itself when we tread a little lighter and reduce our carbon footprint. I know I am not the only one that feels more determined than ever to be a lot more aware of my impact on the planet and to take action on reducing that impact as much as is humanly possible. 

So in honour of Earth Day I though I would celebrate our beautiful planet ; 

  1. By having a special Earth Day give Away – more details at the end of the post
  2. By sharing what we have implemented so far in order to tread a little softer on the Earth. 

We still have a way to go and if you have any ideas on how we can improve even further we would be so grateful for your feedback. 

What we have implemented so far 


We have always used organic ingredients but  10 years ago we decided to make a commitment and get fully certified organic with the Irish Organic Association. These strict organic standards are a reassurance to customers we never use artificial fragrances, petrochemicals or contribute to pollution through the use of herbicides and pesticides.



We changed from bubble wrap and plastic padded envelopes to corrugated card and paper padded envelopes. We wrap each product in unbleached tissue paper and decorate it with a sprig of lavender picked from our organic garden.



We requested that all of our suppliers use only glass bottles for our oils. The bigger bulk ingredients that come in large plastic containers are repurposed as planters in our garden.



We use an electricity supplier that provides 100% renewable energy. Our water is heated by solar panels and our premises are heated by wood pellets. We have invested in electric cars so that all our travel and some of the bigger hotels deliveries are done with Zero Emissions. We plan to get photovoltaic solar panels to further minimise the impact on the environment.



We use pure white glass pots for all our face creams and face masks which can be recycled or if you buy from local vendors can be returned and are then repurposed in many creative ways.



Our gift baskets are not covered in cellophane or any other plastics. They are filled with wood wool which can be composted or used for fire kindling and we purposely chose a basket that is beautiful enough to be repurposed for storage.



Each product is produced from scratch by ourselves on site in small batches. There are no second party factories involved which minimises our carbon footprint which means you are also supporting your local economy.



We are in the process of buying land where we will plant native trees to naturally absorb carbon and therefore to help combat climate change.


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