Daily Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Daily lymphatic drainage massage to maintain your natural beauty

By popular request from those who attended the Spa at Muckross Platinum Members event I am enclosing a link to the Youtube clip of the lymphatic Drainage Massage which I demonstrated on the evening.

For those who missed the event be sure to sign up as a member it's free and the events are such a decedent treat with bottles of bubbly , music and delicious food, not to mention the amazing staff who are on hand to answer questions and generally look after everyone and of course the speakers who on this occasion just happened to be me.


 The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system is like the work buddy of the circulatory system but unlike the circulatory system it doesn’t have a heart to pump it round and keep it flowing smoothly. It requires a bit of support and maintenance. Often if you neglect your daily exercise, aren’t eating a healthy diet, or have an imbalance in the hormonal system it can result in a sluggish lymphatic system which shows itself in the form of of fluid retention and puffiness around the eyes, jaw line and under the chin.

This short exercise not only eliminates this puffiness but it adds to the radiance  of the skin and can even support the immune system by maintaining the upper Lymphatic system.

It will add maybe 5 minutes to your daily facial routine and the benefits are well worth the extra effort and if you just haven’t got the time to do it daily maybe even put time aside once a week on your day off to add this effective beauty tip to your beauty ritual.

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