Spring is in the air. It literally woke me up this morning as the sun streamed into my window and the dawn chorus filled my ears, lifted my heart and made me smile.

I thought of the Song “The Cherry Trees” by John Spillane where he sings: “We have travelled all around the sun, it has taken us one whole year. Well done everyone – well done”. This year in particular we have had a particularly challenging journey and a bigger reason to congratulate ourselves. 

Here is a link to watch John Spillane's beautiful song



So I thought this would a great opportunity to acknowledge the journey with a pampering selfcare ritual that also focuses on letting go of the old to allow the space and peace to receive the new.


Spring is a time where we begin to prepare our body for the more active times of summer. We also need to prepare our skin as we slowly begin peeling of the layers of clothing and exposing our skin which may have been neglected and become sluggish and dull during the winter months.


So for this Spring Ritual we will use the Lemongrass Bodyscrub.

Our Lemongrass Bodyscrub is such a Springtime treat. It is in a cream base so it deeply moisturizes the skin. The exfoliation is created with apricot kernels and the essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Lime are uplifting making it perfect for that refreshing wake-up shower on a bright Spring morning.


GRAPEFRUIT: It is a lymphatic stimulant, nourishes the tissue cells and controls liquid processes making it helpful around fluid retention and its diuretic properties can help with cellulite.

LEMONGRASS: It has a revitalising action making it a good tonic for the body. It’s stimulating, reviving and energising. It lifts the spirits and gets thing moving again.

LIME: It is a tonic to the immune system and reenforces energy after illness. It has a tonic and refreshing action on the skin an is refreshing and uplifting for the mind.


Give your self and extra 10-15 minutes to really reap the benefits of this revitalising shower.

  • Begin by simply standing under the shower allowing the body to enjoy the warm water on your skin, relaxing the muscles and easing tension.
  • Turn off the water and take a generous portion of Bodsycrub in your hands. Rub your hands together and cup them and breath in the essential oils noticing the effects it has on the mind.
  • Then beginning at the ankles and with upwards circular motions gently massage the Bodyscrub up the legs, the torso and then from the wrist up the arms moving upwards towards the heart, all the while breathing in the aromatherapeutic benefits of the oils.
  • Finally turn on the hot water and allow it to rinse the body. At the same time imagine the water also rinsing away everything that is not of service to your body and wellbeing. Imagine all the stress and tension, all the worry of the last year of living through a Pandemic – all of it being rinsed away along with any negative thinking or patterns that we may have developed.
  • As you watch the apricot kernels flow down the drain imagine you are watching everything unwanted or stressful from the last year flowing down the drain and leaving the body clear and renewed and open to receiving new and greater possibilities.


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