A Rose Bath Ritual for Restauration


The past few months have been a time of loss, uncertainty and change, all of which are experienced as a form of stress in the body. So I have decided to share with you a decadent Rose Bath Ritual with and accompanying recording of a meditation as part of an overall restorative experience.

Once a year when the rose garden is at its best I treat myself to the most decadent summer rituals – The Rose bath.

For me it is a way to thank my body for all it’s done and all I have put it through and to give it the pampering and restoration it requires. If you are familiar with the Flourish Organics Range you will know that Rose is one of my favourite essential oils. It is probably the most decadent oil (it takes 60 roses to just make one drop of rose oil) and the benefits are truly amazing and include:

  • Lifts the heart and eases nervous tension and stress
  • A feminine oil which gives women positive feelings about herself
  • Soothing effect on the emotion, especially depression, grief and resentment
  • Balances and strengthens the stomach especially during emotional upset

I think most importantly for me Rose Oil is said to be the oil of the angels because its energy vibrates at a high frequency so if you ever felt that you have been warn down by life and your energy is heavy and dull I highly recommend Rose Oil to lighten up your energy and remind you of the lightness and aliveness that is truly you.

Because I have access to hundreds of fresh damask roses I don’t require the essential oil. I allow the scent to mix with the steam from the bath and fill the air and dissolve into the water and the effect is deeply relaxing and restorative.

However, I have also provided a recipe for a beautiful alternative using dried rose petals and essential oil.

When buying Rose Essential Oil please be cautious of buying oil that is adulterated or synthetic. Here is the general rule: You get what you pay for and if it is cheap it is most likely to be synthetic and will do more harm than good. We recommend Atlantic Aromatics for a good quality Rose Oil.




Recipe:   1 bowl of dead seas salt

                1 handful of dried rose petals

                5 drops of Rose absolute essential oil



  • Give yourself the gift of at least one hour to do this ritual of restauration and appreciation for your body.
  • Prepare your bathroom and have it clean and beautiful. I like to light candles and fill the room with flowers.
  • In the most beautiful bowl you can find mix the sea salt, petals and oil.
  • Run the bath and add the bowl of scented sea salt to the water.
  • Get into the bath and allow the hot water, mineral rich salt and aromatherapeutic benefits of rose oil to restore and relax your body.
  • Set the intention to keep your focus on your body.
  • Be aware of your breath and with each inbreath receive the beautiful, relaxing rose scent and a sense of appreciation for your beautiful body and all it’s done for you.
  • On the outbreath breathe out any tension and anywhere you may still be holding on to judgements or harshness or shame around your body. Just let it go until your whole body is filled with a sense of appreciation and relaxation and this amazing oil of the angels has brought you back to who you truly are – beautiful, radiant, vibrant and reconnected to your amazing body.
  • You can be guided to this relaxation with this guided meditation

  • If you do not have a bath you could use our rose products for a similar effect allow the therapeutic benefits of the rose to have the same effect whilst listening to the guided meditation.

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