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MeditationMeditation is a core part of most Eastern spiritual practices. Today many people in the West meditate simply to relax. Western medicine acknowledges the importance of meditation for relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and enhancing general good health. What ever your reasons for meditating the result will be the same – a greater sense of inner peace, serenity and harmony with the world around you.

Meditation is a means of coming back to yourself so that in the world of constant doing, where your focus and energies are scattered and pulled in different directions . You can produce a space for yourself during your busy day where you just doing and just be.

We teach two forms of meditation here in Kerry, they are both Buddhist meditations but you don’t have to be Buddhist to practice them or to benefit from them. According to Buddhist teachings our minds are inherently pure and clear, it’s just that this purity and calmness is obstructed by our everyday states of stress, anger , anxiety and self-doubt. If we see our mind like the ocean; The surface of the Ocean is constantly being affected by outside influences so that it becomes agitated and choppy but then the deeper you go you discover a stillness and calm which has always been there but which we failed to notice because of outside distractions. So in Buddhist meditation we work with the mind to cut through the choppy surface so we can experience our true calm, clear self.

Meditation is not about spacing out or escaping the real world, it is about being totally present in the world moment by moment and less swayed by the distractions and outer influences. The more you meditate the easier you will find it to tap into your inherit stillness and you will find this sense of awareness becomes more part of your everyday existence and not just something you experience while meditating.

Meditation can be very challenging, I think anything which promotes growth and change is challenging because change forces us to move out of our comfort zones. Because of this people find it very helpful to have the support of like minded people and for this reason I run a Monday Evening meditation class for people who have done the course and want to continue a regular practice with like minded people.

We run 1 Day  regularly, if you are interested please send us an email and we will update you on running courses and Meditation retreats in Kerry

1 Day courses cost € 70 and include refreshments and a light lunch.

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