I have created this day in celebration of all the Dreamers in the world because they are the people who can change it. If you have known for a while now that greater is possible and would like to get clearer about those Dreams and to unearth the treasures hidden inside you then join us for a day of Nurturing, play,visualisation and creating the Future you have always known was possible. 
The morning will begin with a guided meditation and visualisation to rediscover the Dreamer in us all and to breathe life back into the Dreams we may have let die but which have lived on in our hearts. 
We will then create a vision board which expresses the future we Dream of. In the afternoon we will do some Chi Gung and learn to use energy to attract everything we desire into our world.
Finally we will create the Dreamcatcher and embue it with the energy of our Dreams and charge it with power of intention.
you don't have to be arty or crafty to join in the magic of this day I will provide Dreamcatcher kits for different levels and abilities. 
Cost €50

This price includes all materials for vision board and your Dreamcatcher.

Price: €48.00
Size: Course

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