Flourish Chakra Oils - 7 Oils - 7 Chakras - for a healthy, balanced chakra system


Description:   This range of chakra oils use an exclusive blend of aromatherapy to aid chakra healing and all the conditions and ailments associated with an imbalance in the chakra system. 

It is unique with a combination of 3 aspects which work synergetically to relax, ease physical ailments in the body and instil peace and a sense of wellbeing in the mind. It brings balance and harmony to the energy centres of the body.

Aromatherapy harnesses the energy and therapeutic benefits of the finest organic flowers, herbs and resins and blends them to create an oil that is not only pleasing to the senses but a powerful healer of physical ailments and harmonizer of energy.

Buying the set of 7 oils for the 7 chakras  at € 99 will save you € 37.50.


Ingredients :  See individual products

Price: €99.00
Size: 7 x 100ml

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