15 January 2015

Acne Rosacea / Sensitive Skin

We received an email of Patrcia Lanney Cleary - a customer who ordered products on our website but was very concerened about a possible reaction as she has very sensitive skin....


Hello Klaus, 

I purchased some products with samples from you about 3 week ago, I just thought I would give you both an update on them.

So far I am loving the products my skin in glowing, as you know I have severe Rosacea and normally I would wake up with a really red face but since using your products my skin has gone from a bright red to more of a light pink.  I still have red cheeks but not as bad as before, also my skin is really soft and just feels great afterwards, I love the Jasmine Face Mask so will be including that in my next order.My make up goes on really well using the moisturizers, I do prefer the Rose moisturizer more so then the hemp one but that is just a personal choice.

I've had alot of compliments from people who have noticed the difference in my skin, I also normally would get break out and or spots which would be painful but since using these products I have not had many, I also think its a benefit not to be using a face wash with water and instead am using the cleanser to take off my make up and it comes off perfectly.

Flourish Organics

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